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Behind the Lens: Kimberly Halverson

When did you discover your love for photography?

A decade+ ago, while shooting horrible mirror selfies for the Myspace crowd. (No lie.) I’ve always been passionate about art and expression; the advent of digital photography just happened to coincide with Kimberly in high school, looking for a new outlet and some new profile pics. Eventually I did grow sick of duck lips and dress up, turned my camera on others, and found that portrait photography filled my cup much more.

What do you look for when shooting a travel couple?

Couples that don’t mind waking up at 4am to get dirty, wet, and/or windblown. Confidence and a self of humor are key. Having a deep connection to their partner is essential. Great dance moves and solid dad jokes are bonuses for all around fun and camaraderie.


Explain your personal style of travel couple photography.

Motion + emotion are my jam. Candids make my world go round. I tell my couples that I don’t want to capture what you look like. I want to capture that thing that lives between and within you–how you make one another feel when you’re together. “Pretend I’m not there” will always be my preferred method.

What do you enjoy the most about couple photography?

Connection. You’re privy to a beautiful vulnerability when a couple will really open up and invite you into their private world. And on the not so serious side of things, you get to make friends, go play, and create works of art with badass babes. Win!


What do you enjoy the least about couple photography?

Shooting portraits can be difficult in a culture where body positivity isn’t as widespread as one would wish. I can pour my heart and soul into a session, come away with stunning imagery, and one “my thighs aren’t thin enough” can really mar the outcome for everyone. I wish there was more emphasis on feelings than appearance! On experience vs. excessive comparison!

What is your dream photography destination and why?

Chefchaouen, Morocco–the blue city! I live for color and love a touch of exotic. Honorable mentions include the coast of Croatia, the Greek isles, and the focus of my upcoming trip: Bali and those gorgeous rice terraces at dawn.


What advice to you have for other photographers who want to shoot travel couple photography?

Want to travel more? Work for the airlines; it will open and actually change your world. Want to photograph more couples? Politely ask strangers in if you may practice a pose or two on them while at a pretty, public location–not many tourists are going to turn down the opportunity to put down the selfie stick. Above all: invest in a wide angle lens! It’s a game changer for travel photos of any kind.

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