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Behind the Lens: Kimberly Conner

“As I wizzed around Lake Bohinj, Slovenia with my camera – desperately trying to get each and every possible shot of the other-worldly sunset over the crystal clear lake and majestic mountains – I came upon this couple watching the sunset together. I stopped for a minute, trying to decide how I felt about their cuteness. As a super single solo traveler, I am half disgusted by and half very jealous of travel couples. I’ve concluded that just maaaaaybe one day I will be in one… Maybe…. If I find someone as crazy as me. But for now (and maybe the next 40 years), travel is definitely my boyfriend. Oh and my camera is also my boyfriend, we romantically watch the sunset together all the time 😛 I was more than happy to be able to experience the beauty of Slovenia with my trusty camera by my side, but not ready for it to be a boy quite yet!”

Get to Know the Photographer:
Kimberly: @kimmconn
Travel Blog: adventuresnsunsets.com
Facebook: fb.com/adventuresnsunsets
Twitter: @kimmconn

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