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Featured Couple: Kristin & Will

“Last year we decided that instead of giving each other Christmas gifts we would give each other a Christmas trip! We picked Hawaii as our present. In this photo we were hiking to a waterfall in Hawaii when we noticed a hidden trail. Our adventurer instinct kicked in and we headed down the trail and into this magical bamboo forest.

Together we’ve traveled to 6 different countries and individually that number is even higher. We’ve seen incredible cities, swam in tropical waters, hiked up waterfalls and jumped off them, camped in our cars, road motorcycles across country, and the list goes on and on. Of all the places we’ve experienced we both agree that Hawaii is the most incredible and magical trip we’ve ever been on. Traveling, exploring and filming new places is our favorite thing to do together. We are currently on the hunt to find a destination we like half as much as Hawaii.”

Here is a short video we made on our Hawaii trip. http://youtu.be/o2MXv9F9k4s

Get to Know the Couple:
Kristin: @beachykefer
Will: @watson17

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