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Typs of Photos We Feature on Travels and Chill

If you’ve tried everything to be featured on Travels and Chill but still have not seen your photo pop-up on our Instagram feed, perhaps you need a little assistance on what kind of photos we like to post:


We love photos that showcase a scenery or landscape. Mountains, waterfalls, and ocean shores are all gorgeous but a bit over-used when it comes to creative content. Think of great travel destinations or unique landscapes that capture the eye and tell a story. That’s what we’re looking for!



The scenery or landscape only makes up half of the photo. A huge percentage of our chosen photos are based off of photography skill. Now, we know not every couple out there is a professional photographer, but take a few moments to adjust the proper angle, set up the right perspective, and take that perfect snapshot. It’ll make all the difference!



There are so many ways couples can pose in a photo and our favourite is when two people are embracing. Whether it be a hug, kiss, holding hands, or leap – if your position to one another shows that you’re a loving and affectionate couple – then we’ll love it!


Up-Close vs Afar

As much as we love photos that show a couple’s loving faces, we prefer shots that are taken from afar and show the couple as compliments to the perspective or scenery. Not so far that we can barely see you, but far enough so that we can focus on the beautiful scenery around you and feel like we’re in the photo too.



As mentioned before, we love photos that show off a gorgeous destination or stunning scenery. Get creative with your photos and show us where you’re traveling! Waterfalls and beaches make for great shots, but you can find them anywhere! Snap a moment that shows off the beauty of a country, tells a story of a travel moment, or leaves us breathless from the view. If you can grab our attention with where you’re traveling, you may be featured!



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    Salt in our Hair
    November 11, 2016 at 10:56 am

    Probably the biggest inspirations out there! Love their photos!

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      Travels and Chill
      November 11, 2016 at 4:51 pm

      Totally agree! 🙂

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