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Featured Couple: Ashley & Kirsch

“This photo was taken in Singapore at Marina Bay Sands Hotel. We were visiting a close friend of mine who lives in Singapore and thought we must treat ourselves to a one night stay at the famous hotel. This was a beautiful moment shared by my partner and I – a sky high kind of love!

What I love about traveling as a couple is sharing experiences together and building our relationship. There have been many sticky situations where we have had to work as a team to get through and we always come out stronger on the other side.

My one piece of advise is ‘fight fair’ – you should always be on the same team, sometimes it’s easy to get carried away however if you are always fair with each other then you can work it out.”

Get to Know the Couple:
Ashley & Kirsch: @wanderingwolfchild
Travel Blog: wanderingwolfchild.com

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