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Featured Couple: Léanne & Julien

“I notice so many people searching for someone or something that creates their happiness. Really, our happiness is found in ourselves. We do this with acceptance and positivity of who we are, our actions, and how we are perceived. When I found Julien, I already found my happiness and he had already found his. We did not rely on each other for all mental and emotional support which I see happens very often. We created a bond of admiration for one another. We looked up to each other’s successes. We were there for each others downfalls. We were each other’s biggest fans. We became a team. I am lucky to have found a partner that pushes me every day to become a better version of myself. Our passion for travel has always been our dominate link. Whenever we felt frazzled or stressed from high pressures of reality, we ran away. Together. Because that’s all we needed.”

Get to Know the Couple:
Léanne: @leanneansar
Julien: @julienboye
Travel Blog: leanneansar.com
Facebook: fb.com/tipsyontravel


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