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Featured Couple: Brittany & Isaac

“While we were adventuring our way through Iceland, I asked Brittany a question I’ve had to hold in for quite sometime. I’ve known since day one that I want to spend the rest of my life with her and I knew this would be a trip we could never forget. The best part of all of that is… I’m pretty sure she said yes! I can’t even remember, I was so nervous.

The reason behind the dress. We were going to do a set with this dress in landscapes that we found beautiful in Iceland. So this time, I told her to go change and that this would be an awesome photo op! I setup my tripod and then told her to stand up on the edge of the cliff while I set a timer on my camera. (Don’t worry! I was ready to catch her in case she fainted.) Then I walked up to her and proposed. Boom! I couldnt be happier with how the whole trip went even though we were both very sick at the beginning, we healed and the rest of the adventure went amazing.

I would have to say our favorite travel destination would be one we haven’t been to yet. Seeing new places is always on our mind. Although, coming home to Washington is really great after traveling for awhile.

I would say some advice for traveling as a couple would be, work hard so you can play hard. Save while you are at home so you can book flights and do a lot of research on where to stay for a good price. Always bring a camera. Even though it’s awesome documenting every aspect of your trip, knowing when to put down your camera or phone is really key. Sometimes it’s better just to present and enjoy the moment with your eyes and the person your with.”

Get to Know the Couple:
Brittany: @brittanybrenske
Isaac: @isaacgautschiphotography

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