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The Story Behind Us: Karen & Nick

How did you meet and when did you both realize your love for travel?

We met in high school at just 16 years old. Young love that actually worked out; our relationship is something you really don’t hear about anymore. We are high school sweethearts that actually got married while Nick was still in high school. Since we met before adulthood, we kind of grew into travel together. It is something we have both wanted to do since we were kids, something we have always talked about, and something we chose to make happen together.

Where was your first destination together and tell us about it?

Our first destination together (outside of our home country) was Lima, Peru. Karen is originally from Peru and hadn’t been back since she was 10 years old. Since traveling was new to us and she still had family there, it seemed like a perfect place to start. On arrival, we both had a bit of a culture shock; the people, the streets, the food, the everyday way of life was just completely different than what we were accustomed to. The best part: we loved everything about it. It was there that we both really knew that seeing the world is what we wanted.

How do you share your work on the road? Who does what?

In terms of sharing our work, we don’t really have designated roles on who does what like you would see in a typical business environment, we sort of do everything together. From the planning, to the photography, to the writing, to the social media, each of us has a voice in everything we do.


How do you make decisions together for next destinations?

We choose destinations in a last minute, heat of the moment, now-or-never fashion. One day we think were going to stay in Italy for another two weeks, the following day we see a sale on plane tickets to Paris for the beginning of the following week and book them. If it’s a place we haven’t been to and we want to see, we’re going at the first chance we get.

Have you noticed any changes in the relationship since you started traveling together?

There are changes every day – for the positive. We feel that the farther we travel, the closer we become. Spending every day together gets us to new depths emotionally and doing something adventurous & thrilling all the time puts the new relationship excitement into our relationship.

Living and traveling together 24/7 can sometimes be stressful and relate to moments of disagreements or misunderstandings. How do you cope with these situations?

There absolutely is a struggle being together every minute of every day. It can feel tough sometimes, but we choose to see it through. Love is a choice; we have our moments where one wants to kill the other, but the other one always finds a way to make the other remember why we are doing this together in the first place.


What is the most beautiful moment you have experienced together while traveling?

During our travels, the most beautiful moment we have experienced together was our first night in Oia, Santorini watching the sunset. We were cuddled up on the patio at one of the most gorgeous hotels we have ever stayed at drinking our way through a bottle of Santorinian red wine. At the peak of the sunset, when the sky was more colorful than a kids box of Crayola, we turned to each other and smiled; it was a combination of visual and emotional euphoria.

What do you like the most about traveling as a couple?

We believe traveling as a couple is the best way to travel. We might be a little biased because its all we know, but are confident there is no better way. You always have your best friend by your side to enjoy it with, push you, and have your back when its needed. How do you beat that?

What do you like the least about traveling as a couple?

The worst part of traveling as a couple is it gets a little harder to have your personal space. Being in a hotel room or an unfamiliar AirBnb apartment leaves you with next to nowhere to hide. But if you set ground rules, its easy to overcome. If either of us needs a minute, we give it to each other.


How do you keep the relationship spark alive on the road?

As we said earlier, travel adds to the spark. If you can’t find a spark looking down on London’s city lights from Sky Garden or cliff jumping from a little island off the coast of Santorini, you aren’t meant to be.

What is one piece of advice you’d give to any couple wanting to travel together?

To any couple out there considering traveling together, do it! There is nothing more exciting, fulfilling, educating, or captivating that a couple can do together. You will learn more about yourself and your relationship than you thought possible. There will always be obstacles and there never will be a perfect time; you just have to decide you’re going to do it and make it happen.

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