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The Story Behind Us: Cándida & Jeff – Travels and Chill
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The Story Behind Us: Cándida & Jeff

How did you meet and when did you both realize your love for travel?

Candida: We met on a blind date! A coworker of mine went to college with Jeff and knew the two of us were constantly on international flights so had us meet! I was living in LA and he in the Bay Area at the time. We were long distance until we got married and then moved to SF. I would say from the very first day we knew travel was one of our biggest priorities.
Jeff: Right before I met Candida, the girl who introduced us told me about Candida’s recent trip to New Zealand over Thanksgiving. She went bungee jumping at THE place where they invented the sport. I remember thinking to myself, “Who does that?” and “I have got to meet this girl!” Needless to say, I was attracted to her love for travel right away.

Where was your first destination together and tell us about it?

Candida: Our first destination together was our honeymoon in Bali! We had traveled before with friends and family to Mexico, but this was our first solo trip together. We wanted to go to a place that was exotic but had culture and adventure and Bali was the perfect spot. We spent each and every day adventuring, jumping off cliffs into the ocean, surfing and eating all of the fruit.
Jeff: Bali was and will always be a special place for us since it was our first international trip alone, not to mention our honeymoon! We chased monkeys, romped around on scooters, found secluded beaches, and discovered how much fun it was to fulfill our dreams of travel together.

How do you share your work on the road? Who does what?

Candida: I am a huge planner. I love coming up with the itinerary of our travels but keep it open for any unexpected gem we find along the way. When it comes to photography I love art directing and he loves the technical side of it.
Jeff: Sharing where we are with our friends and family is a balance. I love taking photos and shooting videos, but I also love leaving it all behind and immersing myself in God’s creation and the beauty that only the present can provide. Candida definitely does more of the sharing than I do. I always tell my family to watch her Snapchats to stay updated on our travels. I’m hopelessly bad at it.


How do you make decisions together for next destinations?

Candida: We’re so up for adventure that it’s different for each destination! For example, a few weeks before Thanksgiving break we looked at Google flights to see where was the best deal for the break and we saw that India had the best flights and price so we booked! I also get so inspired by the social media community and the destinations that some of my favorite travel bloggers visit.
Jeff: For small weekend trips or birthdays, we love to surprise each other. But when it comes to big adventures, every decision is made together. Sometimes we find the cheapest flights and go for it blind, but sometimes that one place that’s been on our minds forever calls and we have to answer. Candida is an expert at finding the coolest Airbnb’s, and I book flights and seek out the outdoor spots.

Have you noticed any changes in the relationship since you started traveling together?

Candida: We constantly have some ridiculous story from traveling we can look back at and crack up. Traveling just makes things so hilariously fun and makes our relationship that much better.
Jeff: We have grown much closer from traveling so much. We have learned to rely on each other and trust each other’s intuition when travel throws its curves. We laugh a lot at the funny situations we get ourselves into, and it makes for great stories.

Living and traveling together 24/7 can sometimes be stressful and relate to moments of disagreements or misunderstandings. How do you cope with these situations?

Candida: This usually comes up because Jeff gets hungry.. All the time. 🙂
Jeff: Although life on the road has more challenges, it’s less stressful for us than the work grind. We work as a team to plan and find where we’re going. My disagreements typically start if I’m hungry, so we always keep bars in the day pack to avoid hangry drama.


What is the most beautiful moment you have experienced together while traveling?

Candida: One of my favorite moments was spending the night in Joshua Tree. The sun had just gone down and we went back to our cabin in the middle of the desert, put on a record player, and just hung out in the peace of the desert. It’s one of my favorites because of just how magically peaceful it felt- like the world had stood still for the evening.
Jeff: A favorite of mine was our drive from Dubrovnik through Montenegro in our rental car we nicknamed “tighty whitey.” We cruised through the border at sunrise and grabbed some delicious local pastries, then drove around the Bay of Kotor on a tiny winding road with no shortage of epic bay views flanked by steep mountainsides. Every medieval ruin was a photo stop, and no beach was missed. It was just us and our little car, jamming to Montenegro’s latest hits.

What do you like the most about traveling as a couple?

Candida: You are always with your best friend. It’s so cliche but it’s so deeply true. Jeff loves the outdoors and I love the culture of a place so between the two of us we get to experience so much!
Jeff: I’ve always dreamt about traveling with my best friend, and now I get to realize that dream.

What do you like the least about traveling as a couple?

Candida: Nothing. Literally love it all.
Jeff: We both have full-time jobs, so sometimes it’s harder to get away from two jobs at the same time than just one.


How do you keep the relationship spark alive on the road?

Candida: we like to go on little dates while traveling. Usually we’re trying to see as much as possible, so it’s so special when we take a night to just have a quiet and slow dinner together.
Jeff: Being away has always been great for us. So much quality time together happens far from the usual distractions and busyness. We love to explore crazy dinner spots and attempt to never miss a sunset.

What is one piece of advice you’d give to any couple wanting to travel together?

Candida: Try to adventure as much as possible. When we’re not flying international, we love to take mini vacations on the weekends or go on an adventure during the weekday. This could mean anything from staying at a cabin in the woods or hiking up a hill to shoot at night.
Jeff: What she said… she’s the boss.

Get to Know the Couple:
Cándida: @_candida
Jeff: @jef_daniel
Travel Blog: candidawohlgemuth.com
Photography Blog:  jeffwohlgemuth.com

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