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The Story Behind Us: LeAnn & Brandon – Travels and Chill
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The Story Behind Us: LeAnn & Brandon

How did you meet and when did you both realize your love for travel?

Brandon and I met in the mountains of Colorado and instantly felt a connection with our love for the outdoors. While living there we pursued a passion for the outdoors as flyfishing guides during the summer months and ski/snowboard instructors during the winter months. We knew there was more to life than the “normal” 9-5 job and decided a year ago that we were going to take off and travel the world.

Where was your first destination together and tell us about it?

Our first destination on our year+ long journey was Nepal. We loved hiking and love adventure and set off on a 25 day trek in the Himalayas. During this incredibly life-changing journey we were caught in the middle of the most devastating earthquake that had ever hit Nepal. We were scared, and helpless but clung on to each other for support. Thankfully we made it out without a scratch but the memories of that trek and specifically that day will last forever (read/ listen more here and here)

How do you share your work on the road? Who does what?

Since traveling Brandon and I have been able to start a successful tour company by partnering with a local guide in Cusco, Peru. I (a former bank manager) handle all the communication and invoicing of the business, while brandon (a former marketing professional) handles all our marketing, PR and outreach. With our specific skills we have been able to grow the business and continue our travels while maintaining high quality customer service.


How do you make decisions together for next destinations?

We try to plan things logistically, however every once in a while we just need to change it up. We will go wherever we feel we are being pulled and take on a new area and a new challenge with excitement. Unpredictability is what keeps things fun and we love the adrenaline we get from going new places and seeing new things

Have you noticed any changes in the relationship since you started traveling together?

Our relationship has definitely grown stronger. For over a year now we haven’t been apart for more than 3 hours at a single time, and it works for us. We are each others best friend and companion. While most people might think that sounds crazy, we have a bond that is very special.

Living and traveling together 24/7 can sometimes be stressful and relate to moments of disagreements or misunderstandings. How do you cope with these situations?

Of course we have our moments- who doesn’t? When arguments arise we remember what is important to us and why we are traveling and living this life. Traveling isn’t always easy- it can be work, but it is also the most satisfying thing we have ever done and we won’t look back!


What is the most beautiful moment you have experienced together while traveling?

After planning out a specific trek for days, we finally took off. We didn’t know where we were going and we packed enough food for 10 days on the trail incase we got lost and couldn’t find the destination we were seeking. Three days into our hike we turn off the regular “tourist track” on the trail and go off on our own, all we had was an old distorted map, and the GPS on our dying phones. When we finally stumbled upon what we were looking for we were overwhelmed with feelings. We found what i can only describe as a rainbow in the mountains, and since then we created a tour business to help other adventure seekers find this special place. That company FlashpackerConnect now offers off the beaten track adventures to travelers looking to get the same special feeling.

What do you like the most about traveling as a couple?

I love the companionship that is always there. It makes traveling more enjoyable, and in my opinion memorable because I always have my partner with me to share everything with.

What do you like the least about traveling as a couple?

I’m not sure how to answer this question. Would i travel alone? yes, but I also know that i wouldn’t have the same satisfaction of when i’m traveling with my partner. There is nothing i don’t like about traveling with him. He helps make decisions, he makes me feel safe, and he always makes me laugh if i’m feeling upset, dirty, or exhausted. He’s always there when i need him.


How do you keep the relationship spark alive on the road?

Traveling is special and traveling with a partner is even better. We keep the spark alive by doing the same things we would do if we were at home. Special dates, birthday celebrations. Romantic getaways (on a budget), and always remembering how important we are to one another. Life in general can get mundane, no matter where you are or what you are doing. Remembering why you’re with that person in the first place is something you should never forget.

What is one piece of advice you’d give to any couple wanting to travel together?

If you’re thinking about going the hardest thing to do is to pull the trigger. You can plan all you want but if you never do it will you regret it? My one piece of advice is to just go- the rest will fall in to place.

Get to Know the Couple:

LeAnn Morris: @theendlessadventures
Brandon Morris: @bamorris5
Travel Blog: www.flashpackerconnect.com
Facebook: facebook.com/flashpackerconnect

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