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Featured Couple: Ciera & Preston

“Preston and I love anything and everything outdoors. We love trying new things and visiting new places. Right now we are living in Vineyard, UT while we are both finishing school. While attending school we don’t always have the time we want to travel far. So we made it a goal to explore around Utah, since neither of us are originally from Utah (Ciera: Colorado, Preston: Nevada) It’s been so fun exploring everything around us. One of the things that we have fallen in love with is, the mountains being SO close to us. It only takes us 20 minutes from our house to get us up the canyon into the gorgeous rocky mountains. They are amazing in every season, our top favorite things to do are snow shoe, ski, hike Sundance, drive through the canyon when the gorgeous fall leaves start to come in, etc.

This picture was taken in the beautiful mountains after a wonderful snow. Preston and I got engaged up in the mountains and decided we wanted to take our engagements pictures (the photo) up there and then also had our wedding up there as well. The Rocky Mountains will always have a special place in our hearts.

Travel as a couple makes everything more fun! Especially since we are married, we get to share these special memories with each other forever. We currently have a bucket list of trips we want to take in the near future. Next on our list is Kauai Hawaii this October, and Banff National Park in BC in March. Its definitely fun to bring your spouse to places that you love that they have never been to before, but I also would encourage couples to take trips together that are new for the both of you! Getting to share those adventures with each other is priceless.”

Get to Know the Couple:
Ciera: @cieraleavitt
Preston: @prestonleavitt
Lifestyle Blog: simplyourplace.com

Photo taken by: @hunterkfowler

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