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The Story Behind Us: Daisy & Nenad

How did you meet and when did you both realize your love for travel?

We met through a mutual friend and that first night we ended up having an adventure out on the town. We both were born in Europe and now live in the US, so we already have that travel gene since we go back to visit family quite often. After talking about it for a bit, we realized that we have to go to Europe together for an extended period of time, and that’s just what we did!

Where was your first destination together and tell us about it?

Living in Florida means you have easy access to cruises. Love them or hate them, they are lots of fun and an outrageous bang for your buck. We went on a cruise for Daisy’s birthday. It was a quick weekend cruise that went to the Bahamas and back, a quick break from working the 9-5, but it was all we needed to make us realize that we really needed to travel together more.

How do you share your work on the road? Who does what?

Well, Daisy makes all the money online, and Nenad just takes pictures lol. Seriously though, we both have our strengths and weaknesses. We let each other do the part that they enjoy most. For our blog, Nenad really enjoys photography, reaching out to others and planning. Daisy does quite a bit of the writing and editing. We both have other ventures that we are working for on the side, so time is split. The key is to be on the same page and use each other’s strengths accordingly.


How do you make decisions together for next destinations?

While we were in Europe for 7 months this year, it was more a matter of convenience and following our route. We began our trip in Norway, but quickly flew to Eastern Europe with the goal being to make it west. We would always talk about where we wanted to go and had a list of places written down. Our one rule was if ONE of us wanted to leave, we both leave. Knowing that you cannot see and do everything is the right mentality, so we just went along with it. The good thing (or bad thing depending on how you look at it) is that Europe is small compared to the US, so there are literally thousands of detours that you can take. If the opportunity arose, we tried to just embrace it.

Have you noticed any changes in the relationship since you started traveling together?

Yes! We realized that we love to spend time together. It really tested our relationship and after traveling indefinitely, we feel that we can do anything. It’s a very empowering feeling.

Living and traveling together 24/7 can sometimes be stressful and relate to moments of disagreements or misunderstandings. How do you cope with these situations?

When these moments come up, we always tell each other to take a minute and realize what we are doing. We are traveling the world together! That is absolutely mind blowing; to live in a time where you have access to so many amazing places, people and cultures. When you think of it that way, all the small arguments truly mean nothing.


What is the most beautiful moment you have experienced together while traveling?

There are so many! A few that come to mind are when we got engaged in Mexico on Lake Bacalar, drinking a bottle of wine while watching the sunset in Santorini, celebrating a birthday in Paris, and seeing the Northern Lights in Norway. The other moments that really stick out have nothing to do with the destination. Things like meeting interesting people or introducing each other to our European families. The destinations are incredible, but it’s the people that you never forget.

What do you like the most about traveling as a couple?

We love that we get to experience it together. We can be in the middle of a conversation about something and one of us would go, “remember the road trip across England!?”, and then we would be flooded with all the memories of places and people that we’ve met. Because you have someone there, the memories are combined in a way, it truly is amazing.

What do you like the least about traveling as a couple?

The flip side to having someone there to share the memories is that it is more difficult to meet new people. We can be in a new place, and since we have each other, you really don’t have to talk to anybody at all! And you’re also more closed off from others because you are already talking to someone else. Talking and meeting new people really gives you a perspective on things, it’s the reason we travel. We have to constantly be open to new experiences and striking up a conversation with a local (I always try and use their native language if possible, it’s a good ice breaker ) or a fellow traveler is simply priceless.


How do you keep the relationship spark alive on the road?

We have to constantly be in the moment with each other. We don’t think its too difficult because you’re constantly on this high, things are never familiar to you and it causes your senses to heighten. This can be overwhelming at times but use it to your advantage. In those moments, you feel so alive, and you’re sharing it with your significant other, how amazing. We try to never forget that. Another thing is to give each other space at times, everyone needs some alone time once in a while!

What is one piece of advice you’d give to any couple wanting to travel together?

Just do it! That may be too Nike, but really its about seizing the moment. If you’re thinking about extended travel, there is never going to be a “perfect” time, its unlikely that you’ll have 50 million dollars worth of lottery money or everything else lined up perfectly for you to do this. This is out of the norm, so don’t listen to all the doubt. Once you start on your journey you’ll grow so much as a person and a couple that it will blow you away. This really is the most gratifying experience imaginable.

Get to Know the Couple:
Daisy & Nenad: @workingwayfarers
Travel Blog: workingwayfarers.com

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