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Featured Couple: Camille & Christian

“We have been living in Iceland for a few years now but the awe when northern lights appear is always as strong. No matter how many times we witness them, they keep blowing our mind, with new shapes, shades, and intensity.

Although we appreciate and find excitement in both seasons, Winter here is a very special thing, when one must appreciate the least daylight, with no time to loose to explore. Where we live up North, we have around 4 hours of daylight in December, which makes every moment spent outside precious. The thing we love the most is extending the day by chasing northern lights. Every time we find ourselves saying that these were even more spectacular than the ones the night before. Or we just find ourselves speechless.

That night in particular will remain in our memories, as it was pitch black when everything around suddenly became green due to extremely bright northern lights.

We met in Iceland, an island that will always be dear to us, and that keeps inspiring us everyday. Everything has a whole new feel through your husband’s or wife’s eyes and one stimulates the other’s curiosity and pushes his limits.”

Get to Know the Couple:
Camille & Christian: @wesetthesails

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