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Featured Couple: Maya & Michal

“We went beyond the tourist attraction, as we always do. Photo was taken on Columbia Icefield in Canada, where people usually pay for a tour with a big bus which takes them on the icefield. This cave is accessible from the road for anybody who knows about it. Many photographers come here between November and March, otherwise it’s slowly melting and is quite dangerous to go inside. Last information I’ve heard about the cave is that it is not what it used to be. Huge chunks of ice fell from the ceiling blocking the entrance.

We’ve met in a bar through mutual friends. Over the past 11 years, we’ve created so many memories together and formed a perfect travel team. We moved from Slovakia to Canada where we lived for 4 years. We lived through all bad and good, when you look for a job in a new country, trying to figure out how the system works while looking to make some friends and see as much from the country as you can. Every experience we share brings us more together. As of November 2016, we are in Panama on a trip around the world.”

Get to Know the Couple:
Maya & Michal: @travelwiththesmile
Travel Blog: travelwiththesmile.com
Facebook: fb.com/travelwiththesmile

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