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How to be Featured on Travels and Chill

We’ve received many inquires from other couple travelers about how to be featured in the Travels and Chill community. Feeling absolutely honoured and humbled, here are our tips on how to be featured on Travels and Chill:

Tag Us in Your Photos

The best way to grab our attention on Instagram is to tag @travelsandchill in your photos and include #travelsandchill in your caption. We check our feed daily and are notified when someone has tagged us or when our hashtag is used.

Comment on New Posts

A brilliant way to get our attention is to show us some love by commenting on any new photos we post! Similar to tags, we check all of our notifications daily and scroll through those who have commented on our most recent Instagram feature. If we stumble upon a thoughtful or witty comment, we’re more inclined to click on that profile and scroll through their feed for potential features.

Send us an Email

We try to respond to everyone who reaches out to us personally, and email is the best way to get in contact! Send us a thoughtful email, or any ideas you may have for Travels and Chill, and we’ll give your profile a check!


Comment on the Blog

On rare instances, we’ll recieve blog comments on posts or recent features. When that notification pops up, we’re quick to respond and be as attentive towards you as possible. If you’re really keen on showing us some ultimate love, do so on the blog where you’ll have our full and undivided attention!

Contribute Your Travel Story

The ULTIMATE way for us to discover you for a potential feature is to contribute your couples travel story direct on the blog! You can submit any content through our online form and if it’s accepted after reviewed, then you’re GUARANTEED a feature on Travels and Chill!

Become Facebook Friends

We love keeping up with the social travel community and a great way to do so is through Facebook. Give us a “like” on our Official Travels and Chill page and join our Travels and Chill group to expose yourself on a different social media platform. Write us a nice comment or introduce yourself in the group and we’ll be happy to check your profile out for a potential Travels and Chill feature!


All of the Above

Do all of the above and we might just feature you for being awesome. 🙂


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  • Reply
    Rae and Jason
    November 16, 2016 at 5:08 am

    Love that you guys actually wrote a post on how to get featured! We love the vibe of your blog/insta and that you’re promoting all of these awesome traveling couples. You’re building a community of like minded people and that’s awesome! We’ve enjoyed your page and following the couples on it for awhile now. We’ll be submitting our story soon enough too!

    Rae and Jason (@getaway_couple)

    • Reply
      Travels and Chill
      November 16, 2016 at 8:01 pm

      Hi Rae & Jason!

      Thanks so much for your kind words! So glad that you love our travel community! Will definitely check out your travel page and look forward to hearing your story soon! 🙂

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