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Featured Couple: Maite & Jorge

“We are high school sweet hearts and have always wanted to come to Greece. When our hopes of having a destination wedding here never happened we knew one day we would still come. This photo shows us soaking in the beauty of the panoramic views from the top of the white rooftops that make Santorini so popular. We love traveling to experience different cultures, taste different cuisines, soak in all the sights and sounds that nature or different cities have to offer, and then capturing the moments on camera to share. Now we are starting a blog to write about our experiences! One of our favorite destinations so far has been Iceland. There are so many once in a lifetime experiences that can be crossed off your bucket list there, like taking a dip in a pool of milky, blue thermal waters at the Blue Lagoon, seeing the northern lights, and walking on top AND inside of a glacier! My advice for traveling couples, especially when you’re together 24/7 for weeks at a time, is to be able to forgive and makeup easily and quickly. Don’t let one little argument ruin your whole trip that you’ve worked so hard to take!”

Get to Know the Couple:
Maite: @mai.moya
Travel Blog: stayorwander.com

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