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Cape Town is rising as one of the best foodie capitals of the world. World renowned chefs, delicate entrees, precise technique, and beautifully crafted creations all hide in this Southern tip of Africa. For any food enthusiast, Cape Town is the place to be! Don’t waste your time with side cafes and sandwiches. Dine and experience the best cuisine Cape Town has to offer in this 7-day food tour!

7-Day Tour Highlights:
• Luke Dale-Roberts
• Comfort Dining
• Market Foods
• Fine Dining
• Cultural Cuisine
• Tapas
• Desserts

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Start Cape Town, South Africa Physical Rating 🔴⭕⭕⭕⭕
Finish Cape Town, South Africa Cultural Rating 🔴⭕⭕⭕⭕
Countries South Africa Ages Minimum 10 Years Old
Theme Food Group Size Minimum 1 Maximum 5
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Day 1
Your culinary experience in Cape Town begins at the heart of South Africa’s most renowned Chef, Luke Dale-Roberts. Luke has started numerous successful restaurants around South Africa, all boasting modern creativity and innovation in his dishes. This day is solely devoted to Luke Dale-Roberts and tasting his fine cuisines.

Day 2
A flip from modern dining, your second day travels to the winelands of Stellenbosch to experience home cooking at it’s finest. The gorgeous scenery of vineyards and a cozy setting will take you back to your mom’s home kitchen. Your meal will be comprised with hearty dishes meant to feed the soul and delight the tastebuds. Each ingredient is hand-picked and locally grown in the garden to provide the freshest farm-to-table dining experience.

Day 3
Feast your eyes on rows of street food, pastry vendors, and sizzling meats at Cape Town’s farmers market. The weekly morning market is one of the most popular, lively, and local foodie hotspots around Cape Town. Come with an empty stomach because you will be trying out numerous dishes!

Day 4
Cape Town’s best hidden foodie gem is the array of fine-dining restaurants. Fresh high-quality ingredients for creative dishes orchestrated with passion only sums up a fraction of the magnitude of the fine-dining scene. Don’t miss out the opportunity to experience what Cape Town’s culinary experts can offer.

Day 5
Time to experience a cultural spin on dining by feasting on culturally rich foods which has influenced South Africa’s food culture. You’ll be presented with a meal that’ll hold true to it’s origin and present the flavours of that country as if you were there.

Day 6
Cape Town is well known for their variety of tapas and their craft in creating small delicate dishes meant to be shared amongst friends. Dine at one of the best tapas restaurants in Cape Town and enjoy a lavish feast of mini platters and detailed entrees.

Day 7
Cape Town’s ultimate foodie experience wouldn’t be complete without an adventure of desserts. End your food tour with sweets that go straight to the heart and make you feel like a joyous child again.

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Month Availability Price
November 2016 No  $185 USD
December 2016 No  $185 USD
January 2017 Yes  $185 USD
February 2017 Yes  $185 USD
March 2017 Yes   $185 USD
April 2017 Yes  $185 USD
May 2017 No  $185 USD
June 2017 No  $185 USD
July 2017 No  $185 USD
August 2017  Yes  $185 USD
September 2017  Yes  $185 USD
October 2017  Yes  $185 USD
November 2017  Yes  $185 USD
December 2017  Yes  $185 USD


1 Breakfast, 3 Lunches, 2 Dinners, 1 Dessert

Important Notes

*Schedule and restaurants may vary depending on time of tour booked.

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