Ambassador Guidelines

Travels and Chill Ambassadors:

• Represent the forefront of our brand and travel community.
• Network and engage with other Travels and Chill Ambassadors.
• Collaborate with brands and companies for product promotions and/or giveaways.


• Be a member of the Travels and Chill Ambassadors Facebook Group.
• Complete an Ambassador Profile.


• Collaboration fee will be calculated based on average number of Instagram followers.
• Calculations will be based off of every 500 followers (i.e. 1000, 1500, 2000 followers).
• Collaboration fee will be determined by the equation (lowest average number of followers divided by 1000 then multiplied by $5 USD)
• I will be taking a percentage from each collaboration opportunity for the cost of research, dedicated communication, and management (exactly 28.57%). This percentage is not deducted from your collaboration fee, I am simply charging the brand more for collaboration.
• When your average follower count on Instagram increases by 500 followers, it is your responsibility to notify me to update your collaboration fee.
• Brands are required to provide sponsored product for each collaboration and pay a collaboration fee for each sponsored post.
• You are required to write a blog post of your own design for each paid collaboration.
• Each sponsored post must include the hashtag #travelsandchillX’city’ (i.e. #travelsandchillXLondon, #travelsandchillXCapeTown)
• Each sponsored post must be transparent and include #sponsored to notify audience.

Note: This is new and developing territory for me, so please be patient and understanding throughout the process as it is a learning experience just as much for me as it may be for you. Thank you! 🙂 – Pamela